Aeolian #health scandal

Sioux Berger

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#Aeolian #health scandal
“I had to get 26 cows down, and some of my calves don’t want to eat anymore”
Testimony of Serge Martinet, place said la font Belle, commune of saint saury cantal
We are a dairy producer, and we live 700 meters from the wind turbines of the park of saint saury. High of 150 meters, they are planted in front of our house.
Since the installation of wind turbines, we have been experiencing many problems: noise above all, especially hard to endure at night. Insomnia… my wife also suffers from migraines. I’m going on the fact that we don’t have tv anymore when it’s windy…
But that’s not all: our dairy production is also having difficulties: cells have appeared in quantity in the milk of cows. So, our milk, which owned the aop label, has been lowered. We had to get 26 beasts down.
And we are also experiencing problems with the calves that have just been born. Some don’t want to eat. It’s like they’re losing the suction reflex. I tried to give them a bite of médérandyl, but without success. A calf that doesn’t head, it’s a veal that gets vulnerable very quickly. So we try by all ways to feed it, but, if the cow boles in the field in the middle of the night, its chances of survival are very thin.
“me too, I now have calves who refuse to drink”
Testimony of frédéric issertes, a place called escalmels.
Our Farm is located about 1 km from the wind turbines of saint saury. We don’t see the wind turbines at all. You can hear them a little when there’s the south wind. It’s like a helicopter noise, when the pale one passes on the mast. Yet I admit that at the start, I wasn’t against it. But now we learn that the promoter wants to add some on the park, and now that’s enough.
I have 5 calves that have flat. If the cows don’t grow inside and I’m not here to watch them, it looks like the little ones don’t have the suction reflex anymore. Normally, as soon as the calf gets up, he heads! One of the calves was following his mother in the meadow, I thought he had tété, I didn’t worry… but in fact, he hadn’t eaten anything. The poor beast has weak, weak…
Here, we’re in the middle of the mountain. Our beasts are in the middle of nature, and they drink in the stream, the escaumel. We would like to know where the problem comes from.
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