Scorched Earth: Suicidal Climate/Energy Policy Destroying Britain’s Landscape


The way we were: before the climate cult took action.

Climate alarmists are ready to destroy your environment in their unhinged efforts to ‘save’ it.

That their exhortations to ‘climate action’ result in the dystopian destruction of pristine wilderness, bucolic landscapes and vibrant communities is a sacrifice that they’re always willing to make. Although, as recent events have shown, there are limits; and even the greenest of the green screams blue murder when their patch of paradise is threatened by a few whirling wonders. Former leader of the Australian Greens, Bob Brown, once a vociferous champion for wind power, went ballistic when a few of these things were proposed for a desolate part of North-West Tasmania, Dr Bob’s home State.

Britain has just signed up to a net-zero carbon dioxide gas emissions target which will, of course, destroy its economy, jobs and prosperity and inevitably punish the poor; already…

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