Self-Censored: Love Media Refuse to Cover Green Leader’s Backflip on Wind Power


Inconvenient facts like the wind industry’s rampant Eagle slaughter troubles the narrative and requires the mainstream press to do backflips to maintain a positive spin.

Remember, this is an ‘inevitable’ transition to an all wind and sun powered future. So, the slicing and dicing of millions of birds and bats, the destruction of pristine wilderness and whole rural communities is just collateral damage, right?

Over the last few posts, STT has been focused on former Australian Greens leader, Bob Brown, who has managed to ignite a debate centred on just how useless wind power is, and how much chaos and unnecessary carnage it causes. All because Dr Bob is railing against a few wind turbines set to be plonked in his backyard, notwithstanding that he was always ready to spear them into yours.

Although readers, viewers and listeners of Australia’s National Broadcaster, the ABC and the lefty Nine Group (now…

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