‘Green’ Turns Brown: Australia’s Head Climate Warrior Slams Wind Turbine Eagle Slaughter


Why only yesterday, Bob Brown was railing against coal, now he’s got it in for the wind, too. Well, at least when it comes to wind turbines slicing and dicing Eagles in his patch of paradise, Tasmania.

Dr Bob’s recent epiphany concerning the ability of 60 m blades with their tips travelling at over 350 Kph to effortlessly shred majestic Eagles, Kites, Hawks – and all other manner of airborne critters – has been universally slammed, given his hitherto unwavering support for heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind power. As fashion statements go, green hypocrisy is obviously the new black.

Here’s a couple more following that same theme.

Wind farms ruffling more than feathers
The Australian
Graham Lloyd
20 July 2019

Environment groups have been too willing to ignore threats to eagles­, other birds and wildlife if they conflicted with renewable energy projects, a former conservation leader has said.


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