End Game: Subsidy Wind Down Heralds Collapse in Wind & Solar Investment


Wind and solar power are always and everywhere the product of massive (and seemingly) endless subsidies. Except, there is an end. There always is.

Australia’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target expires in December 2030. The 33,000 GWh annual target was meant to be reached with a surge in wind and large-scale solar capacity by 2020, but the volumes of wind and solar actually delivered to the grid next year are odds-on to fall well short of the target, bringing into play the “shortfall charge” a whopping $65 per MWh fine on electricity retailers for every MWh they fall short of the target; the subsidies and the fines get added to (already rocketing) retail power bills.

The inability to deliver electricity as and when consumers need it, means that chaotically intermittent wind and solar have no commercial value, except for the subsidies they attract. Under the LRET the Renewable Energy Certificate aka…

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