Hyper-Hypocrites: Greens Love Wind Power – In Your Backyard – But Never In Theirs


Don’t let Bill McKibben’s red T-Shirt fool you…

Fascism comes in all shades, including ‘green’. Marching around and telling other people what to do, makes the green fascist no different than the jackbooted kind, of old.

Where the green fascist differs, is in his ability to pontificate from the high moral ground, while engaging in every act he so vocally despises.

Which brings us to Bob Brown.

Dr Bob has called in an airstrike in his own position, with the media having a field day with his very sudden about face on wind power.

The former head honcho for the Australian Greens is now guilty of precisely the charge he’s been laying at the feet of oppressed rural folk for years.

Bob and his ilk scream N-I-M-B-Y whenever ordinary Australians jack up about the idea of having a few hundred 300 tonne plus, 270 m whirling wonders speared into their…

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