Eagle Eyes: Locals Catch Wind Developer Lying About Bald Eagles Nesting on Project Site


Remember all that guff about wind power being ‘clean’, ‘green’ and oh so good for the environment?

Wind power is promoted by a crowd that tells us that carpeting the planet with bat-chompingbird slicingblade-chuckingpyrotechnicsonic-torture devices is all for the ‘greater good’: despite these things – as a wholly weather dependent power source – being incapable of producing power on demand; and, therefore, of ever being able to provide a product with any commercial value, save the massive subsidies it attracts.

But, whatever you do, don’t stand between a wind power outfit and a bucket of subsidies.

In Ontario, Esther Wrightman drew the wrath of NextEra (aka NexTerror) for videoing the developer’s deliberate and wanton destruction of the nesting home of a pair of Bald Eagles. In the video below, NexTerror’s goons place the ‘heavy’ on a pair of properly passionate young women…

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