Atomic Reaction: Self-Inflicted Wind & Solar Debacle Means Australia Needs Nuclear Now


Sensible Australians know chaotically intermittent wind and solar can never work, forcing MPs to demand ever-reliable nuclear power, instead.

True it is that coal-fired power provides around 80% of the electricity consumed among those states connected to the Eastern Grid (Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia). But, as a result of the obscene subsidies to wind and solar – which operate as an effective penalty on generation sources such as coal and gas – ageing coal-fired plant are an endangered species.

For as long as climate alarmists keep banging on about carbon dioxide gas (and politicians keep listening) any generation source that generates CO2 will be treated as some kind of villain and punished accordingly.

Which is why STT promotes ever-reliable nuclear power, the only stand-alone generation source that does not emit carbon dioxide gas during that process.

And STT is no longer alone. A growing band of commentators…

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