Pricing Vanity: Counting the Crushing Costs of Chaotically Intermittent Wind & Solar


The claim that renewables are cheaper than coal, gas and nuclear is simply nonsense. There’s a reason why wind and solar obsessed Germany, Denmark and South Australia fight it out for the honour of paying the world’s highest power prices. Where conventional generators can be counted on to deliver 24 x 7, wind and solar deliver utter chaos.

Thanks to sunset and calm weather, wind and solar cannot and will never replace coal, gas or nuclear. To suggest otherwise is like joining Alice on a trip down the rabbit hole.

The notion that daylight and weather-dependent power sources can actually power an economy, in any serious and meaningful way, is the stuff of childish fantasies.

But that doesn’t stop zealots propounding the notion that a 100% all wind and sun powered future, is just around the corner. It’s a concept that requires banishing our good friends logic and reason to…

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