Turbine Trouble: US Military Declares War on Wind Power


Raising a raft of unnecessary danger, the wind industry’s body count currently stands at 192. Flying blades, collapsing and/or self-immolating towers account for their fair share of corpses. But those that take to the air, shouldn’t overlook the number of pilots and their passengers who’ve come to grief, thanks to a wind turbine or their associated METMast wind monitoring towers. For a rundown on the wind industry’s pointless death toll refer: Summary of Wind Turbine Accident data to 31 March 2019

Slamming into a 100 m tower or 60 m blade is one thing, but coping with dirty, turbulent air generated by these things, which spans out to the horizon, is another:

The spread of giant industrial wind turbines across the US of A has attracted a range of detractors, not least the US military.

As Mark Mathis details in the video below (transcript follows), America’s Armed Forces…

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