Climate Terrorism: Mainstream Media Waging War on Common Sense & Reason


Australian voters recently rejected a massive increase in wind and solar and voted in favour of the Queensland coal industry. And yet, plenty in the mainstream media continue to act as if the Green/Labor Alliance had, in fact, won the Federal election in May.

Never let the facts get the way of a deluded narrative, as they say.

In Australia, the National broadcaster, the ABC and the Nine/Fairfax broadcast and print conglomerate dominate the debate on all things PC, catastrophic climate change, included.

Each of them has their individual champions for wind and solar – Peter Hannam, for example; with that pair advanced, mantra-like, as the only ‘solution’ to an imminent climate catastrophe. But it’s their institutional bias that shone through during and after the election. An election that these same characters predicted Bill ‘Shifty’ Shorten’s Labor party would win by a landslide, because they had dubbed it the…

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