Dirty Business: Wind Developer – AGL Creates Dust Storm & Destroys Fine Wool Business


Dirty Business: AGL’s dust storm destroys Gardner’s business.

Any farmer thinking of getting in bed with the wind industry, ought to think again, starting with this story.

As a rule, the wind industry treats its victims with contempt, and none more so than champion superfine merino wool growers, Annie and Gus Gardner.

The Gardners – along with the whole Macarthur community – have been belted with incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound from AGL’s 140 Vestas 3MW V112s since December 2012.

AGL not only managed to destroy an entire community, with what is Australia’s largest public health disaster, during its construction, AGL completely destroyed the Gardner’s superfine merino wool growing enterprise.

Every one of the 140 turbines has a base of around 300-400 m³ of steel-reinforced concrete. That concrete requires crushed rock as the aggregate (crushed rock is also used as road base). That aggregate was generated on-site…

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