Time For Nuclear Option: Australian Election Blows the Lid Off the Nuclear Power Debate


Nuclear power isn’t an option in Australia, but it damn well ought to be. Banned by Luddites in 1998, Australia has never had a nuclear power generation system, despite being the world’s third largest uranium exporter, with more than a third of the world’s proven reserves.

STT is devoted to pushing the case for nuclear power, for no other reason than it works; safe, reliable and affordable – it wins the power generation trifecta.

Living in a country obsessed with chaotically intermittent wind and solar, STT can only despair at the lack of common sense, logic and reason that permeates what passes for a ‘debate’ on Australian energy policy.

Rent seekers profiteering from heavily subsidised wind and solar, backed up by deluded zealots, have dominated the public arena for far too long. Now things are changing. Fast.

One feature of the Federal election on 18 May was the prominence given…

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