Atomic Ascendancy: Australians Now See Nuclear Power as the Natural Choice


Wind power: abandoned more than a Century ago.

All of a sudden, any Australian with half a brain is talking about nuclear power generation. Not so long ago, only the bravest would utter the ‘N’ word out loud.

Howled down by the anti-nuke brigade, in the beginning, and later berated by zealots pushing heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar, those with the temerity to talk about nuclear power in this Country were a rare breed. Now, there has been an outbreak of common sense, as if someone put something in the water.

The usual twaddle about Fukushima (a nuclear incident, following a monster tsunami, in which not one single person was killed as a result of that incident) has given way to an understanding that, not only is nuclear power the safest generation source of all, it’s the only stand-alone generation source that does not emit carbon…

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