Nuclear Necessity: Solution to Australia’s Energy Debacle Means Nurturing Nuclear Now


Until recently it was a brave MP who dared to drop the ‘N’ word in public, now they’re shouting about nuclear power from the rooftops.

STT thinks a couple of things might be responsible for the rapid shift in attitudes.

As STT followers are no doubt aware, Australia is the only G20 nation to not use nuclear power, entirely banning its use back in 1998. Which hardly stands to reason, given that Australia is the world’s third largest uranium producer.

The war on carbon dioxide gas being waged by climate alarmists is one explanation: no one fretting about CO2 gas and not talking about nuclear power can be taken seriously.

Another factor is that – after almost 20 years of massive subsidies, mandates and targets – the combined contribution wind and solar in Australia is trivial and chaotic.

And then there’s the debacle that is South Australia, the place that…

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