Rational Reaction: Australian Unions Back Nuclear Powered Future


That Australia, an energy superpower, could back never-reliable wind and solar over ever-reliable, astonishes the sane and rational. Especially as the Lucky Country’s known uranium resources are the world’s largest – almost one-third of the world total. Notwithstanding that glorious abundance, Australia banned nuclear power generation a generation ago. There are no nuclear power plants in Australia.

However, slowly but surely, a groundswell of support for nuclear power is emerging.

The new-found love affair with nuclear has a fair bit to do with the fact that it is the only stand-alone power generation source that does not emit carbon dioxide gas during the generation process.

For as long as climate alarmists keep fretting about carbon dioxide gas incinerating the planet and everything on it, nuclear power must, necessarily, form part of their mantra. If it doesn’t, you know your antagonist is not serious about CO2.

One very significant…

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