Guaranteed ‘Green’ Energy Punishment: US Renewable Portfolio Standards Send Power Prices Soaring


That reliance on chaotically intermittent wind and solar sends power prices into orbit is no surprise to a German, South Australian or Dane. That RE obsessed trio slug it out for the honour of suffering the world’s highest power prices (see above).

Try as they might, RE zealots simply can’t escape the bleeding obvious: South Australia’s 50% Renewable Energy Fail: World’s Highest Power Prices Caused by Subsidised Wind & Solar

But don’t just take our word for it, a group of economists from the Energy Policy Institute of Chicago have delved into the data to show the relationship between the Renewable Portfolio Standard (the wind and solar mandate/subsidy that applies in some 29 of the US States) and rising retail power prices.

Well. Surprise, surprise! The EPI’s thorough and painstaking research has confirmed what long-suffering Germans, South Australians and Danes know, all too well.

Do Renewable Portfolio Standards Deliver?

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