It is not only the tails that are missing on the Isle of Man!


A great post from Wind Energy’s Absurd. 

It is great that such as WEA and Scotland Against Spin collate and research the truth behind the wind industry. When we are faced by the trade bodies of Renewables UK and Scottish Renewables with the funding of the wind farm companies behind them to lobby politicians and basically promote blatant lies supported by a raft of consultants who, shall we say, are very aware from whence their cheques commeth, it is necessary to have the voice of reason. Without the efforts of unpaid but knowledgeable supporters we would be in a worse place. A concern has to remain that the Netherlands has followed the maxim that wind farm objectors are terrorists after unsubstantiated threats to developers. We would argue on the similar basis that many wind farm developers must be terrorists. WEA and SAS have always pursued a lawful and non confrontational…

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