Nuclear No-Brainer: Why Australia’s Ban on Nuclear Power Generation Defies Common Sense & Logic


BHP’s Olympic Dam: Australian uranium comes out here …

Every day we’re bombarded with warnings about CO2 incinerating the planet, wiping out entire species and otherwise spoiling our day. For those subscribing to the ‘end is nigh’ scenario, all that seems fair enough.

But what doesn’t stand much scrutiny is the fact that the planet’s doomsayers run silent on the need for nuclear power.

Instead of promoting the one, stand-alone source of power generation that can deliver reliable and affordable power, safely, without generating carbon dioxide gas in the process, the panic merchants point to windmills and solar panels as the only path to escape imminent oblivion.

Heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar have no hope of providing meaningful power supplies; they’ve never worked and they never will.

Accordingly, climate alarmists that aren’t pushing nuclear power can’t be taken seriously. And their failure to push nuclear power…

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