Germany Wind Industry Expansion Thwarted: Rural Revolt Preventing Construction of New Wind Power Projects


Never again: rural revolt against wind power gains momentum.

In rural Germany, a rural revolt against wind power was inevitable. Close to 30,000 of these things have been speared across Deutschland, often within a stone’s throw of homes, towns and villages.

Driven mad by practically incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound, watching whole forests clear-felled to make way for 300 tonne, 200m high turbines and witnessing the destruction of birds, bats and beneficial bugs, it’s little wonder that the ordinarily phlegmatic Germans have revolted. Notwithstanding their self-issued social licence to operate, the German wind industry is under siege. Here’s NoTricksZone reporting from the battle front.

Merkel Expert Says 10H Turbine Setback Rule, Would Seriously Obstruct Wind Energy Expansion
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
12 June 2019

Online German business daily Handelsblatt here reported last month that leading German energy expert Jens Koeppen of Angela Merkel’s CDU party is calling…

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