Renewables ‘Transition’: UK Solar Industry Doomed as Subsidies Slashed – Panel Sales Plummet by 94%


Wasn’t it only yesterday we were told that wind and solar are so cheap that our RE ‘transition’ was inevitable? Well, that was then, this is now.

Proving the point, we make almost every day – namely that there wouldn’t be wind turbines or solar panels, on any serious scale, anywhere in the world, in the absence of massive and endless subsidies – when the UK cut subsidies to solar panels in April, the solar ‘industry’ literary collapsed, overnight.

The only thing ‘inevitable’ about wind and solar is the inevitable collapse that follows any reduction in the subsidies that sustain them. Even the mere mention of tinkering with the subsidies sends renewable energy rent seekers into apoplexy.

Here’s Jo Nova rubbing a little more salt into the RE zealots’ wounds.

UK withdraws life support for Solar Industry and 94% of orders disappear
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
7 June 2019

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