Wind Industry Free-Fall: Subsidy Cuts Slashes Wind Power Investment & ‘Green’ Jobs


The wind industry: always looking for someone to prop it up.

Cut subsidies to wind and solar and their ‘industries’ disappear in a heartbeat. Across Europe the subsidies have been slashed and so too has wind power investment and thousands of groovy ‘green’ jobs.

Twelve countries in the European Union (EU) failed to install “a single wind turbine” last year.

And, as a result, the manufacturers of turbines and solar panels are dropping like flies, as subsidies are rolled back across Europe.

For outfits like The Guardian (aka ‘wind cult central’) the sudden (and inevitable) collapse is being mourned like the death of an only child. As you pick over the ashes of their beloveds below, spare a thought for the RE zealots who honestly believed that the renewable energy business would last forever.

Renewable energy jobs in UK plunge by a third: Report reveals investment in the…

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