Top Secret Turmoil: Wind Industry Covering Up Catastrophic 300 Tonne Wind Turbine Collapses


While massive subsidies fuel the wind industry, self-generated myth and polished propaganda just grease the wheels.

For wind industry spin-kings, one pesky problem that won’t go away is the routine and catastrophic collapses of these 300 tonne whirling wonders.

Over the last few years, there have been hundreds of ‘structural failures’ – where either 10-15 tonne blades are shredded or flung in all directions; or their 90-100m towers implode, unceremoniously delivering the 80-100 tonne nacelle to terra firma, with terrifying effect.

But these ‘fun facts’ don’t sit comfortably with the wind industry’s claims of being safer than Fort Knox.

When one of these things explodes, implodes or self-immolates, the stock-standard response from the operators is to stay schtum, in the hope that the dangerous debacle simply blows over.

However, when the photographs taken by locals emerge, the last redoubt is claiming that these are ‘extremely rare events’, the ‘first…

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