‘RE-ligion for Rich People’: Green Guru – Michael Shellenberger Slams Hopelessly Unreliable Wind & Solar


Pope Pompous III: Now all hail and worship me, the wind & sun.

Environmentalists ready to slam never reliable wind and solar and back ever reliable nuclear are rare birds, indeed. Michael Shellenberger is such an animal.

Lauded by environmentalists in the US, Shellenberger is not so much crusading for the environment, but waging a war against the hypocritical and pompous who drive global warming alarmism; a group of virtue signalling jetsetters, dedicated to their mission of depriving reliable and affordable energy to all but themselves and their filthy rich peers.

Last week, that sanctimonious windbag, Al Gore dropped in to Brisbane to berate Australia’s ‘truculent turds’ for rejecting the Green/Labor Alliance’s plans to crush reliable and affordable energy – with a ludicrous 50% RET and crippling CO2 tax – and to wipe out coal mining and coal-fired power and the entire Australian economy, along with it.

So, it was…

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