Power to the People: Australian Voters Demand Reliable & Affordable Electricity & Coal Just Keeps on Delivering


The 2019 Federal Election was billed as a referendum on ‘Climate Change’. The Green/Labor Alliance promised an all wind and sun powered future, starting with a 50% RET and a crippling carbon dioxide gas tax, dressed up as a 45% CO2 emissions reduction target.

Every political pundit from Perth to Penrith picked Labor to win by a landslide.

And the top-billed reason that Labor was supposed to fare so well at the polls, was that Australians are, apparently, spending their every waking hour fretting about carbon dioxide gas and believing that windmills and solar panels will save the day. Well, apparently not – Bill Shorten duly lost the ‘unlosable’ election.

Coal miners in NSW and Queensland took a different view to the inner city elites pressing for urgent ‘climate action’, for pretty obvious reasons. But the proletariat had also worked out that obsessing with heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind…

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