WSJ Dares to Doubt: What if Wind & Solar ‘Transition’ Aren’t ‘Inevitable’, After All?


When the Wall Street Journal starts to question the inevitability of our ‘transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future, you know the gig is up.

Until now, the WSJ has been a champion for the wind and solar ‘industries’ in the US. Playing to the myth that the wind and sun are ‘free’, and that wind and solar power are both cheap and reliable, the Wall Street Journal has hitherto rarely fired an angry shot in the direction of the greatest State-sponsored fraud, in history.

So, when Mark Mills penned the piece below, we expect he also drew up his resignation notice, at the same time.

Mills expresses serious doubt, where perfect certainty once ruled the day. You see, amongst the intelligentsia, the future is already written, and its pages spell out the doom of conventional power generation – fossil fuels and nuclear power are already ‘dead-men-walking’, apparently…

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