No Coal Power For Two Weeks? We Imported It Instead!


By Paul Homewood

Britain, we are told, saw its first two week period without coal power last month.

But it turns out that we imported coal power from Europe instead:


From the 17 – 31 May 2019, Britain saw its first two week period without coal-fired power plants generating power since the 1880s. However, modelling carried out by energy market data analyst EnAppSys shows that power generated from coal has been imported from abroad over the same period.

Consultancy and information services EnAppSys has provided the following analysis.

High carbon taxes in Britain were the key reason why Britain’s electricity system has run without coal for the last two weeks – a record which stretches back almost 140 years.

That’s the view of EnAppSys, which indicates that further no-coal records could be broken should these taxes remain at current levels.

These higher carbon taxes do not, however, apply in neighbouring…

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