Wind Industry Victims Vindicated: Endless Noise Complaints Force Giant Wind Farm Shutdown in Ontario


Finally, Huron County farmers driven nuts by incessant wind turbine noise have forced the shut down of their giant industrial tormentors.

Ontario’s government has been in bed with the wind industry from the beginning, ignoring, bullying and berating wind farm neighbours with the temerity to complain about the grinding, thumping cacophony dished up by these things on a daily basis. Now, finally, after years of fighting simply to be heard, Ontario’s farmers are getting a taste of what representative and responsible government might look like.

In a result that couldn’t come soon enough for the Huron County farming families forced to live with it, an Order has just been made shutting down 140 turbines near Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh. The order was made simply because their operator, K2 Wind can’t comply with the conditions of its planning permit or even Ontario’s (extremely lax) noise regulations. Needless to say, the local farmers’ delight is…

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