Getting Wasted: 30 Years – $Billions in Subsidies – Wind & Solar Deliver Paltry 18% of California’s Energy Demand


Constant claims that wind and solar are already meaningful power sources are just a little ‘overblown’.

Despite hundreds of $billions in subsidies, pie in the sky targets and punitive mandates, 30 years on and their combined contribution to total energy demand is little more than a rounding error.

Even in places like wind and solar obsessed California, the results have been less than staggering.

Notwithstanding the maniacal zeal of California’s legislators, fossil fuels continue to provide the vast bulk of the energy chewed up in the Golden State. And, as Larry Hamlin details below, that ratio isn’t about to change, anytime soon.

Despite renewables mandate more than 80% of California energy needs met using fossil fuels
Watts Up With That?
Larry Hamlin
26 May 2019

California Governor Brown signed Executive Order B-55-18 last year further modifying the states reduced carbon energy targets by mandating a year 2045 goal where the…

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