Paltry Pair: After $Trillions in Subsidies & 30 Years, Wind & Solar’s Contribution Remains Risible


Believe the hype, and you’d think that we’re already being powered almost exclusively by sunshine and breezes. Well, the facts say otherwise. Despite squandering hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies, forcing power retailers to adhere to mandated targets etc, etc, over the last 30 years – the combined contribution of wind and solar remains little more than a rounding error.

And yet, the mainstream media has it that we’re well on our way to an all wind and sun powered future.

No country has ever powered itself entirely on wind and solar. No country ever will.

Here’s some numbers that prove our point.

Fossil Fuels vs. Climate Politics: Two Graphs
Institute for Energy Research
Robert Bradley
15 May 2019

An important statistic in the historiography of climate policy compares the global market share of fossil fuels from 1988 (the beginning year of the climate debate) to today.

How has…

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