Subsidy Suckers: Britain’s Solar Industry Wallowing in Massive Subsidies, While Power Prices Rocket


The wind and solar industries exist for one reason, and one reason only: massive subsidies.

There’s a reason that holidaying Sun-seekers rarely put Britain on their bucket list. Dismally short days during bitter winters suggest that the UK would be one of the last places anyone would contemplate any serious reliance on solar power. And yet, thanks to £millions in subsidies, solar power in Britain is a thing.

Of course, those subsidies are picked up by taxpayers and power consumers who are facing rocketing power bills, without any hope of respite. And, of course, when the sun drops over the horizon, power consumers are forced to look elsewhere to keep the lights on and boil the kettle.

With the costs mounting, the extent of taxpayer largess has probably been milked for all it’s worth. But, as usual, the mere mention that subsidies might be cut sends rent seekers rabid.


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