Mask removed from Ohio BigWind


Sub HB 6 was introduced in the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  After hours and hours and hours of opposing testimony in previous weeks from wind, solar and environmental activists, the Committee threw in the towel on trying to make the bill acceptable to renewable advocates because,  no matter what was proposed, the renewable lobby refused to accept nuclear energy as “clean energy” – a carbon-free source that accounts for 90% of Ohio’s clean energyThey preferred to force the shut down of the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants, put  over a thousand people out of work and then try to replace the lost generation with massive increases in wind and solar.  AWEA and the environmentalists revealed their true colors – they are in it for the money not clean air, not carbon-free generation.  The only green they see is cash…for them.

The Sub. HB 6 removed wind…

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