Total Joke: Elon Musk’s Giant Lithium Battery Never Designed to Deliver Grid-Scale Power


Reefer-smoking Tesla tycoon, Elon Musk convinced South Australians to spend $150 million on a battery that could power the state for all of four minutes. Now that’s salesmanship!

Even as a piece of propaganda, it failed: then Labor Premier, Jay Weatherill touted Musk’s battery as the panacea to his state’s power woes, as he tried to cling to power in March 2018. He was duly ditched.

But, Musk’s ‘legacy’ remains, at least in SA. South Australia is, of course, Australia’s wind and solar capital. Hence, the amount of waffle that’s still spoken about mega-batteries, all the while, ignoring physics, mathematics, engineering and economics.

With a nod to all of those disciplines, here’s Rafe Champion.

Batteries not Included
Catallaxy Files
Rafe Champion
12 May 2019

Here in SA every new project for “renewable energy” has to obtain approval from the State Planning Commission. The proposals are advertised in the paper and…

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