‘Green’ Crusade Backfires: Subsidised Wind & Solar Snubbed as Australian Voters Reject Climate ‘Crisis’ Hysteria


Labor’s big wind power push goes up in smoke.

Pundits reckoned that Australians would vote in droves for more windmills and solar panels to prevent droughts and save us from a climate ‘emergency’. That was then, this is now. With the majority of voters flogging the Green-Labor Alliance – and its wrecking-ball climate/energy policy – it’s apparent that Australians are no fools. At least, on average.

Sure, the inner-city almond milk latte zone remains Labor territory (with the solitary seat of Melbourne held by loony-left champion, the Green’s Adam Bandt). But the aspirational working-class in the outer suburbs and the regions – that build stuff, grow stuff, dig stuff up and process it or ship it – gave the two fingered salute to Bill Shorten and his hard-green-left manifesto.

Bill Shorten’s big ‘green’ dream just wasn’t meant to be.

Renewable energy rent seekers like “Hi, I’m Malcolm’s son”, Alex Turnbull,

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