Counting the Cost: Wind & Solar Obsession Means Californian Power Prices 50% Higher Than US Average


Claims that wind and solar are cheap, simply don’t add up. Glaring examples such as Germany, Denmark and South Australia tell the tale.

Like night follows day, add heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar to your grid, and power prices are bound to spiral out of control.

For RE zealots it’s one of those little ‘inconvenient truths’, and its application is universal. Here’s Donn Dears tallying up the cost in the US of A.

Beware the Message
Power for USA
Donn Dears
30 April 2019

The debate over energy, the green new deal and climate change has resulted in the art of obfuscation being advanced to new heights.

Energy and science are inherently complicated, but the laws governing these activities are rigid. Laws, such as, energy can neither be created or destroyed, are absolute.

While the laws can’t be changed, it’s possible to modify perceptions by adding value…

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