Supreme Ignorance: Bernie Sanders Mocks Wind Turbine Noise Victims’ Daily Suffering


Bernie Sanders: holds PhD in Practised Ignorance.

Trying to explain life with wind turbine noise to the uninitiated is like trying to explain a migraine to someone that’s never had a headache.

Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders is yet another loony from the left with his own worldview on what is, for those forced to suffer it, a very real form of daily torment.

Sanders, who holds a PhD in Practised Ignorance, launched an astonishing tirade against the US President, Donald Trump over observations he made about the long-term health effects caused by exposure to wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

We covered the President’s comments here: Trumping Turbines: Five Good Reasons to Hate Heavily Subsidised & Chaotically Intermittent Wind Power – with an analysis on why Trump was broadly correct about the health effects caused by wind turbine noise.

In the same vein, Jen Kuznicki takes up the cudgels…

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