Swedish Shutdown: Shift from Ever-Reliable Nuclear to Never-Reliable Wind Leaves Swedes Scrambling for Power


Attempting to replace always-on nuclear with weather-dependent wind power was always going to end in tears. Sweden – renowned for cheerful pop groups like Abba, Vogue-ish furniture and meatballs – has been hijacked by maniacs who’ve resolved to wind down its enviable nuclear power generation capacity, claiming it can be readily replaced with the chaotic intermittency that’s part and parcel of wind power. Who’d have thought that that would never work, hey?

Now that energy hungry industries are screaming for power, those responsible are shuffling their feet and shifting the blame.

When wind and solar rollouts go south (as they inevitably do), talk soon shifts to the need to spend endless $billions on upgrading transmission grids. As if there was something inherently defective in the system that happily existed before their risible attempts to run on sunshine and breezes.

Bear in mind the following article is from Bloomberg (an outfit…

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