Blown Away: Australians Reject Labor’s 50% RET & Plans for Giant Wind & Solar Roll-out


Bill Blew It: Labor’s obsession with wind & solar leads to stellar defeat.

Bill Shorten’ 45% CO2 emissions reduction target and his 50% Renewable Energy Target was meant to deliver a Labor landslide. It didn’t.

Bill Shorten and his acolytes believed that Australian voters would flock to his grand – ‘save the planet’ – plans for sunshine and breezes. Their propaganda wing, GetUp! made it seem like the only thing Australians are worried about is the weather, windmills and solar panels. Apparently not.

Thanks to United Australia Party preferences, the Liberal/National Coalition enjoyed a swing towards it, at the expense of Labor – and their co-conspirators, the Greens went backwards, too.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

As former Labor head-kicker Graham Richardson puts it: “the mob soon works you out”.

The broad mass of the great unwashed in Australia’s suburbs and regions worked out long ago that heavily subsidised…

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