Shorten’s Green/Labor Alliance: The Electricity ‘Bill’ Australia Simply Cannot Afford


Bill ‘Shifty’ Shorten: the Bill Australian power consumers can’t afford.

Voters ought to think twice before installing a Green/Labor Alliance unless their objective is to destroy Australia’s prosperity, for good.

The modern Labor Party, led by Bill ‘Shifty’ Shorten, is almost unrecognisable from its roots as a party born on the back of a sheep-shearer’s strike in Queensland in the 1890s.

These days, it panders to the loony left for a couple of reasons. First, it needs votes from the smug inner-city types ready to tell you how to live your life, slamming miners and farmers, while merrily soaking up the benefits created by Australia’s endowment of mineral and agricultural riches.

These are the characters who drive German built SUVs, plastered with Stop Adani stickers, work their kids into a lather about carbon dioxide gas and fawn, in reverent awe, over windmills and their own solar-panel-clad roofs, and who howl…

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