Irony Overdrive: Climate Alarmists Hate Burning Coal But Love Burning Up Entire Forests


‘Green’ hypocrisy comes in ships and is measured by the tonne.

Now that climate alarmists have hijacked energy policy, insanity is generally the order of the day. Claiming that, one day soon, we’ll all be powered by sunshine and breezes is just the beginning.

On the one hand, zealots fly into an apoplectic rage when anyone mentions the prospect of using what were once ancient forests to light and power homes, businesses and industries.

On the other, the same class of clown gives the big thumbs-up to slashing and burning modern forests, merrily wiping out entire ecosystems and healthy habitats for critters, large and small.

In the Carboniferous period, a couple of hundred million years ago, the world was awash with CO2 and, believe it or not, covered from top to bottom in swathes of forests and swamps.

In the blink of a geological eye, those vast tracts of forest…

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