Renewables Retribution: Spiralling Power Prices Punish Poorest & Most Vulnerable


The relationship between rocketing power prices and intermittent wind and solar is pretty obvious. Just ask a South Australian, German or Dane.

The USA is a relative Johnny come lately to the RE obsession bandwagon. There are a couple of obvious exceptions, namely Texas and California. But among the other 50 states, the wind and solar rollout has barely begun (at least in terms of the scale planned by America’s RE rent seekers). Well, no time like the present for Americans to understand what’s about to happen to their power prices, if the wind and solar lobby get their way.

Researchers Say Renewable Energy Mandates Cause Large Electricity Price Increases
Watts Up with That?
Tim Benson
2 May 2019

A 1-4 Percent In Renewable Generation Raises Electricity Prices By 11-17 Percent

An April 2019 working paper from the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago shows renewable energy mandates…

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