Crookwell Cooked: NSW Planning Dept Slams Chinese Backed Wind Farm Project


The Gullen Range wind farm was a disaster from the get go (see our post here) – with hundreds of homes turned into sonic torture traps (see our post here). There are 32 non-involved residences within 1.5 km of turbines; about 60 within 2 km; and 118 within 3 km. Within 5 km there are about 240 non-involved residences.

The planning “process” was a complete farce, from go to whoa.

Its Chinese owner, Goldwind has been pushing to expand its operation near Crookwell in NSW for years. However, locals have had enough. This time the community was better organised and went on the offensive. And, uncharacteristically, the Department of Planning and Environment has sided with the community, rather than swallow the developer’s standard line that rural folk just can’t wait to get dozens of 300 tonne monsters speared into their backyards.

DPE recommends against Crookwell 3 Wind Farm

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