Psycho Simon: Renewable Energy Zealots Incite Terrorism Against Wind & Solar Critics


As a rule, RE zealots are not only stupid and selfish, they’re invariably nasty and prone to fits of outrage and violence. Leading the gang in Australia is silver-spooner, Simon Holmes a Court.

Simon has a Masters in Smug, the result of the enormous pile accumulated by his (late) billionaire corporate-raider daddy, Robert. And claims ‘glory’ among virtue signallers for ‘Hepburn Wind’. A whopping 2 turbine ‘community wind farm’, in central Victoria.

Simon’s ‘green’ miracle has been pocketing hundreds of thousands in REC subsidies – for the pair of clapped out Suzlon/REPower 2MW turbines Simon speared into Leonard’s Hill in Victoria – each year since 2011.

Simon’s set up was made possible by duping 1,900 gullible ‘investors’ – mostly air-headed uni academics, school teachers and public servants. Simon’s community calamity (see our post here) hasn’t returned a penny to its shareholders. Helpfully, its website carries

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