Reality Bites: Cheap Coal-Fired Power Killing Dreams of Australian Wind & Solar ‘Nirvana’


Wind and solar don’t compete with coal-fired power; never have, never will.

You see, ‘competition’ involves starting from the same position, running the same race, over the same distance, without respite, laydown or let up.

Calm weather and sunset don’t trouble coal-fired power plants (or gas or nuclear, for that matter). But the same can’t be said of the pair that are put forward by renewable energy rent seekers as the only solution to our energy woes.

As to woe, however, it’s that very sentiment that’s now striking at the heart of Australia’s so-called ‘inevitable transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future.

After a short burst of investment in wind and solar capacity over the last couple of years, it looks as if the great RE Ponzi scheme is about to collapse.

[Note to Ed: what was all that guff about ‘sustainable’ energy?]

A week or so back…

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