BigWind brings Circus to Ohio


BigWind brought the circus to Ohio and barked about setbacks!! This week the Ohio House Subcommittee on Energy Generation is heard interested party and opponent testimony on HB 6 – the Ohio Clean Air Program.  As expected, a conga line of anti-nuclear/pro-renewable witnesses took the stand.   The Tuesday proceedings can be viewed at  What should be lost on no one is that many witnesses used the opportunity to testify to call for a change in wind turbine setbacks. We suspect that the wind lobby wants to include a revision to setbacks in HB 6 as a bargaining chip to gain votes.  To date, Speaker Householder has not seemed receptive to addressing setbacks  in HB 6.  Time will tell, if he caves to pressure…..

Today’s report excerpts statements about Ohio setbacks from the April 23 testimony.  In addition we provide various articles from around the state reporting on the hearings. 

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