Giant Ponzi Scam Busted: Renewable Energy Fraudster Trades ‘Green’ for Orange Prison Garb


Heavily subsidised wind and solar and a bevy of associated rorts and scams attract plenty of spivs, chancers and outright crooks. South Australia became renowned as Australia’s wind power capital thanks to a bunch of shysters and ex-convicts from the USA who started the whole scam rolling: How a Band of Criminals, Shysters & Chancers Conjured Up the Wind Industry in Australia

Frauds range from the pedestrian, the bizarre and brazen. And the characters involved are usually very well-connected. In this case one of them was tied up with US President Bill Clinton.

Woman Sentenced Over $54million Green Energy Ponzi Scheme
Daily Mail
Emily Crane
9 April 2019

Troy Wragg & Amanda Knorr: go one, you can trust us.

Fraudster, 35, once honored by Bill Clinton for her ‘commitment to help mitigate global warming’ is jailed for just 30 months for $54MILLION ‘green energy’ Ponzi scheme – the biggest clean energy…

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