Peter Pan Power: Wind & Solar Obsession = Destructive Juvenile Fantasy


The wind and solar ‘industries’ are a lot like Peter Pan – the eternal child, who will fight, kick and scream to avoid the stark reality of adulthood.

How often have we heard the yarn about wind and solar power needing a fat pile of subsidies (filched from taxpayers and power consumers) for just that little bit longer to help it “mature”? And how, if the subsidies are cut off just now, we will snuff out a “brilliant, clean, green” renewable energy future?

Then there are the over-the-horizon promises that we’ll all soon be lovingly powered entirely by sunshine and breezes. The fact that no country has ever powered itself entirely with wind and solar (and never will) never troubles these pixie dream boys and girls.

But this juvenile fantasy has a serious and much more destructive aspect, as Donna Laframboise details below.

The Destructive Green Fantasy
Climate Change Dispatch

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