Australia’s Great Shame: Renewable Energy Obsession Leaves Thousands of Australians Powerless


Barnaby Joyce: fighting for what’s fair and right.

Australia’s maniacal obsession with attempting to power itself on sunshine and breezes has led to ‘The Great Shame’: a 140% increase in the number of homes disconnected from the grid, no longer able to afford power prices rocketing, year-on year, at 16 to 20%, leaving 25% of households unable to cool their homes in summer heatwaves or to heat them during the depth of winter.

The idea that a resource rich country like Australia has tens of thousands of people no longer able to afford power is outrageous. One character who shares STT’s sense of indignation is former Deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce. Barnaby may be one of Australia’s more colourful politicians, but for all the controversy his personal faults attract, his heart is clearly in the right place.

What kind of society switches off the lives of its poorest people?
The Australian

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