The Real Cost Of Decarbonisation Revealed By Sir David MacKay In 2011


By Paul Homewood

The late Professor Sir David MacKay, formerly chief scientific adviser to DECC, was an ardent proponent of the need to decarbonise the UK economy.

But he was also an honest man, not afraid to challenge government policy, such as frequently arguing that renewable energy was a waste of time.

Back in 2011, he designed a “cost of energy calculator” for DECC, as the Telegraph reported at the time:



Reducing dependence on fossil fuels and moving to renewable and nuclear energy would cost an additional £60billion every year until 2050, the officials said.

But Professor David MacKay, a government adviser on climate change, said that doing nothing to reduce carbon emissions would prove even more expensive because of rising energy prices.

Although the cost of converting to green energy will initially be paid by energy companies and the Government, they are likely to pass it on to…

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