Gentlemen! Many of us have waited a long time for this salutary event! For many years I edited the website, Wind Turbine Syndrome. Several years ago I gave up, overwhelmed by stories like Mr. Kohmetscher’s. (Click here for loads more.)

    NextEra is finally getting its come-uppance!   To:  David P. Healy, EsqMyles McGuire, Esq, and Paul Geske, Esq, attorneys for the plaintiff
From:  Calvin Luther Martin, PhD, for FARM
Regarding:  Kevin Kohmetscher v. NextEra Energy 
Date:  March 6, 2019      Click here     Gentlemen!  Many of us have waited a long time for this salutary event!  For many years I edited the website, Wind Turbine Syndrome. Several years ago I gave up, overwhelmed by stories like Mr. Kohmetscher’s. (Click here for loads more.) 
 The final straw was when NextEra sued Esther Wrightman (Ontario, Canada) for defamation.  (This is Esther, with the sign.  She and her family had to move because of the turbines — to New Brunswick, Canada.) The SLAPP, by the way, remains in effect, though it has gone nowhere.              Click here to read the lawsuit  
 I know Esther and her family well.  I believe she would testify on behalf of the plaintiff.  She is still traumatized.  As I say, her family business, Wrightman Alpines, had to uproot and move.  Esther’s plight attracted a huge amount of media attention in Ontario (where she was on national television), and made the news in the UKAustralia, and USA.   
     There have been numerous studies of Wind Turbine Syndrome since Nina’s book.  The wind energy industry has pretty much buried her research (and her), yet the studies keep coming forth — and they are all damning of the wind industry. There is a host of bogus studies, aided and abetted by the wind energy industry, which you will encounter in the course of the lawsuit.        Someone else who will testify for the plaintiff is Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD.  (My wife.)  She coined the phrase Wind Turbine Syndrome.  She published the definitive clinical and epidemiological study in 2009.  Yes, it was peer-reviewed, despite Big Wind’s claims otherwise (click here).        In your suit, focus on the people who had to abandon their homes.  Like the d’Entremonts in Nova Scotia, Canada.  I took the phone call from Daniel d’Entremont when he reached out to Nina for help.  The man was on the verge of tears.  Lobster fishermen are famous for their toughness — yet this one was a broken man on the phone. 
 I urge you to consider, as well, the suicides.  There’s at least one good study.  Click here for Dr. Zou’s study, which I has been submitted for publication.  Click here for Prof. Zou’s website and here for Dr. Pierpont’s review of Zou’s article.     
 You gentlemen, or anyone else for that matter, are welcome to forward this email to whomever you wish.  Or post wherever you like.  To forward or post, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and click “View Online.” Voila! the email will turn into a webpage.  Copy the URL for the webpage into the body of your email — and you’re good to go.  (This way the email formats correctly for the recipient.)  If you want to post this on Facebook, click the icon at the bottom of this page.        
 Best wishes,      Calvin Luther Martin, PhD (ret. Rutgers Univ. professor)
Publisher, K-Selected Books  
19 Clay, Malone NY 12953
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